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Multi Wave PWM Synth

Pulse PWM Synth

Pulse is a synth with a clear and intuitive interface.

Unlike the typical Pulse-Width synth. In pulse, several different types of waveforms can be PW modified. Thats 12 waveforms ranging from the standard Pulse/Square waves, to Sawtooths, Triangles and other experimental waves. It's a homage to some of the great synth classics. With some extra twists.

  • 12 Waveforms

  • All Waveforms can be PW Control/modulated

  • Dual Sub and Noise Oscillators

  • Multimode Ladder Filter. LP24/LP12/LP6/BP/HP

  • "Loose Note" mode. When enabled, note inputs are randomly imperfectly tuned

  • Easy hands on sliders for Mod Wheel and Velocity modulations.

  • Drift mode FX

  • Chorus FX

  • Delay FX

  • 195 patches

Pulse back side.jpg
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