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Noise Machine

Poltergeist Noise Machine

Poltergeist, the "noisy spirit" is a six oscillator sample + wavetable synth capable of everything from screaming distortion leads and percussive tones to deep pads and soft bells. Each osc has its own dual dedicated mod matrix plus six global modulations. The Mod Offset section provides quick controls over the Envelopes and LFOs, making it easy to shift or split modulation sources in between the oscillators. The multimode Ladder Filter, Frequency Shifter, Per Note Eq and Pre/Post Drive allows for bending and shaping of sounds to the extremes.

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  • CV input for wave index and filter

  • Orbis RE wavetables added

  • 18 Samples, 26 Wavetables with Start Position Control / Randomization

  • 6 Oscillators with easy access to Edit, Mute, Pan and Level controls

  • 2 Dedicated modulations per osc, 6 global modulations

  • 4 Free/Sync LFOs, 4 Mod Envelopes

  • Multimode Ladder Filter, Shifter, Note EQ and Pre/Post Drive

  • Offset for Envelopes and LFOs between oscillators

  • 6 Bus effects: Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Granular, Delay, Reverb

  • Bend Range, Glide, Spread and Poly Controls

  • Polyphony Per Note Options and Polyphonic Glide

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