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Phase Engine

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COBRA Phase Engine is a unique new synthesizer with a wide sound range, capable of anything from stringy plucks, big bass grooves, huge leads, cosmic pads and much more. At its core are COBRAs four oscillator modules, each combining three waveforms. These waves can be phase shifted to create entirely new single static waveforms, or modulated into more organic, moving sounds. COBRA also includes a new synced Envelope pattern for automatic modulation of the Attack and Decay, adding fast grooves to a track, or subtle variety to strings and keys.

v1.0 key features:

  • Built in Envelope pattern for making complex grooves or adding subtle variety

  • Fast workflow modulation grid

  • SMFX based Delay & Reverb with pitch mod

  • Four tri-wave oscillator modules with phase shift/modulation & unison

  • Analog style Mono and Legato modes

  • CV inputs for Filter & pitch

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