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SMFX Dual Saturator

Creative Stereo Saturation & Filter Rack Extension effect

SMFX Dual Saturator

Creative Stereo Saturation & Filter Rack Extension effect​

SMFX Dual Saturator is more than just a saturation effect. It's a tool for creating new and unique basslines, crunchy filter pad sweeps, glitchy drums, break transitions, formant filtering and more.


Dual Saturator comes with two saturation modules as well as two High-Pass & Low-Pass modules. These can be routed in a Mixed Stereo or True-Stereo mode, where the latter is a configuration of one saturation & filter module per Left and Right channel, giving you the power to shape and filter each channel individually. Dual Saturator also makes good use of CV inputs for control of multiple parameters at once. This is a device that can be used as a tool for widening and enhancing basslines, shaping drum patterns adding formant and creative/crazy filtering to pads, leads and more.

Using the display controls, we can shift and shape multiple settings at the same time, and receive realtime feedback from the CV inputs on the back panel.

Key features:

  • Stereo Dual Saturation and Filter Effect

  • Adjustable High-Pass and Low-Pass For Each Channel (Mono / Stereo / True-Stereo)

  • Three Filter Modes: SVF / Ladder / Digital

  • Adjustable Saturation Mix, Stereo Width, Dry/Wet

  • Custom Display for Automating Multiple Controls Quickly

  • Multiple CV-Inputs and Scaling for HP-LP Width, Range and Shift

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