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SMFX Delay

Digital Drift Delay

SMFX Delay


Introducing SMFX Delay! And just like its best pal, the SMFX Reverb, this is a plugin that adds some extra flavour to your track, be it transcendent pitch shifted echoes, chaos in short bursts, or just something to spice up those vocals. It's got the same Drift, Pitch Modulation and other features as SMFX Reverb, with the addition of an optional High-Rate mode for the Drift.

Key features:

  • Digital Delay Effect With Drift, Pitch Modulation, Chorus and Built-In Ducking (Sidechain)

  • Bell EQ and Brickwall Filter + Low-Cut, High-Cut and Damping

  • Optional Phase Modulation, Pitch Modulation, Tap Delay, Lo-Fi and High-Rate Drift

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